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Lacrosse Overview

Lacrosse General Information & Rules

From 2019, SACPSSA has introduced new sports into its carnival programme, and one of these is Lacrosse.

The SACPSSA Lacrosse Carnivals in 2024 will again be in mid Term 2, and will be held over five days as a collaboration between our association and the Junior Development Team of Lacrosse SA. Some of the carnival days will be focussed on participation from schools in the northern, eastern and Port area suburbs; while the other carnival days will focus on participation from schools in the southern and western suburbs. This has been created to help Lacrosse clubs target their involvement to support the carnivals by providing referees and encouraging specific club promotion.

Following the established rules of modified junior Lacrosse, the carnivals will be open to Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 age groups and will take place at Barratt Reserve, West Beach (first two days), as well as Woodville Lacrosse Club, Drummond Ave, Findon (third, fourth & fifth days). Teams will be single gender only.

View Lacrosse Carnival Risk Assessment (West Beach)
View Lacrosse Carnival Risk Assessment (Findon)

Lacrosse Co-ordinators

Lacrosse Events

Darren Elliott
Carnival Co-Ordinator

Contact Darren via email

Jamie Mulcahy
Lacrosse Executive

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Lacrosse Information

The carnivals are open to teams from Catholic primary schools or colleges. Teams will be boys or girls. There’ll be no mixed teams.

The carnivals are focused on mass participation, learning and enjoyment. Match results will not be collated and no carnival awards will be presented.

Team Nominations:
  • Team nominations are available for separate Boys and Girls teams in the age groups of Year 3/4 and Year 5/6.
  • Teams consist of 5 players on the field; substitutes are allowed.
  • Teams will not have a player in the ‘goalie’ position.
  • Nomination costs are $30 per team.

Barratt Reserve, West Beach


All match equipment supplied by Lacrosse SA.


All teams must be under the supervision of a teacher or a responsible adult appointed by the school.

Modified Lacrosse Rules
  • Deliberate stick and body contact is not allowed.
  • On any free, the player awarded the free can pass, or run, with the ball.
  • All players must stand 2m or more from player taking the free.
  • Intentional fouls can result in the offending player being removed from the field for the rest of the game.
  • Players cannot trap the ball by covering it with their stick.
  • A defensive player’s stick must be vertical.
  • If a player ‘follows through’ after a shot or pass and contacts a defender’s stick forcefully, the foul is on the shooter / passer.
  • Carry limit of four seconds.
  • Strictly ‘one v one’ on any ground ball contest.
  • ‘Out of bounds’ – opposing team awarded the ball. Player restarts from just inside the field of play. Can run or pass.
  • Defence around goal circle must be one on one. Cannot “build a wall”.
  • No player allowed inside goal circle. No goal keepers.
  • After a goal is scored, opposing team restarts from next to the goal circle. Scoring team must retreat past the half way line.
  • Attacking team must have one pass in attacking half before shooting. Umpire calls, “Shot’s on!” if this has occurred.

Promoting the philosophy of good sportsmanship, fostering companionship between competitors and promoting a healthy active lifestyle.