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Basketball Overview

In 2024, SACPSSA is introducing Basketball into its carnival programme. The SACPSSA Basketball Carnivals in 2024 will be mid Term 2, Thursday, 13th and Friday, 14th June, as a collaboration between our association and the Junior Development Team of Basketball SA. The venue will be the State Basketball Centre, Rose Terrace, Wayville.

See below for carnival dates

Using the established rules of modified Under 12 Basketball, the carnivals will be open to a maximum of one boys’ team and/or one girls’ team from each participant school.

Teams are open to players in Years 4, 5 and 6 and may consist of 5 – 12 players.

In the initial carnival program, the Executive Officer, following receipt of nominations, will create two sections, Section 1 and Section 2, based on the enrolment size of nominated schools. The larger enrolment schools will form Section 1, while the lower enrolment schools will form Section 2.

The carnivals will be low-key competitive, with overall team winners in the boys’ and girls’ draws on both carnival days.

The structure will be predominantly round-robin, with a finals’ round as the final fixture of the carnival.

2024 –

Thursday, 13th June participating schools: Xavier, Nazareth, Seaford, Sheidow Park, Blackfriars, St Dominic’s, Henley Beach, Lockleys, Glenelg, St Mary’s College, Stella Maris, Payneham, Rosary, Mt Carmel, Plympton, St David’s, Christies Beach & St Monica’s

Friday, 14th June participating schools: Croydon, Emmaus, Newton, CLG, Kingswood, Tranmere, Dominican, Elizabeth Park, Richmond, St Bernadette’s, Albert Park, CTK, Edwardstown & Elizabeth Grove.

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Basketball Events

Darren Elliott
SACPSSA Executive Officer
Mobile 0419 815 956

Basketball Nomination Form

Basketball Information

Ball Size

Boys and girls competitions will both use size 5 basketball.

Three-Point Line

The three-point line will not be in effect for this competition.

Team Composition

Teams may consist of up to 12 players.
Teams must display numbers on their playing tops.


An alternating possession arrow will be used where they are available. At the jump ball to start the game, the team that does not gain control of the ball has the arrow turned to point in the direction they are playing. On each jump ball situation the ball is given to the team indicated by the direction of the arrow. When the throw-in has occurred the arrow direction is reversed indicating that it is now the other teams turn to have the ball. If no arrow is available, the scorers must make note of possession and communicate this with the referees when required.

Mercy Rule

If a team leads by 20+ points, they must not apply pressure to the opposition until after the ball has crossed the half court line.


Other basketball game rules will be consistent with Under 12 Basketball SA competitions.

The ‘No Zone’ rule is to be applied
Zone Defence Definition

Any defence played in the half court which does not incorporate normal 1-on-1 defensive principles shall be considered to be a zone. For this purpose, trapping defences which rotate back to 1-on-1 defensive principles are acceptable.

Penalties for use of Zone Defence

Essentially it is an honour system with the onus on the coach to develop acceptable 1-on-1 principles.
If there are concerns about the defence played by a particular team during the carnival, then a SACPSSA official, or delegated official, could be asked to observe the team.
During the game, they may speak to the coach if they are concerned that the team (or any player) is not playing to acceptable 1-on-1 defensive principles. It is preferable that the official speaks to the coach prior to any penalty being imposed, however the deliberate and premeditated use of a zone defence at a critical time in a game may be penalised immediately.

Consider the following:

Don’t worry about the full court.
The rule is only concerned with playing 1-on-1 principles in the quarter court (effectively within the three-point line).
Just because a player or a number of players run back to their defensive key does not make it a zone defence.
The intention of the rules is to teach good defensive principles and avoid passive, stagnant defences. The rule is not intended to penalise:

  • Lazy or poor defence
  • Poor coaching
  • Tired players
  • Players lost in defensive rotations
    • The deliberate use of a zone defence at a critical time in the game should be acted upon immediately.
    • Teams can trap: Teams may trap in the quarter court and may stay in a “zone” alignment for one pass, after which all players must resume man to man positions. For example, on the trap, 2 players are on the ball and the remaining 3 players may rotate to protect the basket. As 3 players are now guarding 4, they will legitimately “zone”.
  • Teams can consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 players. Any number between 5 and 12 is acceptable.
  • Each school may nominate one boys’ and/or one girls’ team.
  • Teams can consist of students in year levels 4, 5 and 6, or any combination of those.
Carnival Equipment
  • Each school must have a size 5 ball available for any time one of their teams is playing.
  • Each school must ensure that their players are displaying numbers on their playing tops.
    • Schools are advised to bring with them some sets of different coloured numbered bibs to resolve potential colour clashes with opposing schools.
School Officials
  • Each team must supply a scorer for each time a team from their school is playing.

    • On the supplied score sheet, only the number of each player needs to be listed.
    • Individual scores for players won’t be recorded.
  • The scorer will record:
    • Overall team scores.
    • Fouls tallied for individual players. After 5 fouls a player must be subbed out.
    • Team fouls. After 8 team fouls, bonus free throws will apply.
  • At the end of each match, a representative from the winning school will bring both team sheets to the central scoring position.
Playing Times / Scoring
  • Matches will begin at 10am for those in Round 1 and all matches will have concluded by 2pm.
  • Matches will be 16 minutes with no half time.
    • Match timing will not stop for subs, but subs can occur during natural breaks in play.
    • There will be no time-outs.
    • There will be a 4 minute change over between matches.
  • Match timing will be controlled centrally.
  • If scores are tied at the end of match signal, that will be the result.
    • The only exception to this is in the play-off for 1st and 2nd where, in the event of tied scores at the sounding of the end of match signal, play continues until the next score. The team scoring in that scenario is the match winner.
Competition Format
  • Round robin format with a play-off round for both boys and girls as the final carnival round.
  • The winners and runners-up in boys’ and girls’ competitions will receive awards.
Year Section 1 Boys Section 1 Girls Section 2 Boys Section 2 Girls
2024 St David’s Rosary Croydon Christ the King