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Since 1978, SACPSSA has conducted annual athletics carnivals which are available to all member schools, both metropolitan and country.

From the early years where only a small number of section carnivals were held, the SACPSSA Athletics Carnival programme now stretches out to nine sections.  In recent years up to 85 schools join in with the SACPSSA Athletics Carnivals across five days, all held at the home of athletics in South Australia, SA Athletics Stadium in Mile End.

In 2023, the SACPSSA Athletics Carnivals will return to early November, now that the SA Athletics stadium upgrade is complete. It is anticipated that the carnival program will remain in early November, as has become the tradition in recent years.

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Athletic Co-ordinators

Athletic Events

Darren Elliott

Carnival Co-Ordinator

Contact Darren via email

Narelle Dew

Athletics Executive

Fabian Chevalier

Athletics Executive

Athletics Nomination Forms

Athletics Information

Event Section 1 Sections 2 – 9
Year 3 Year 3 Year 3
100 metres 3B, 3G 3B, 3G
200 metres 3B, 3G 2B, 2G
400 metres 3B, 3G B, G
800 metres 2B, 2G B, G
Long Jump 2B, 2G B, G
High Jump 2B, 2G B, G
Shot Put (2kg) 2B, 2G B, G
4 x 100m Relay B, G B, G
Year 4 Year 4 Year 4
100 metres 3B, 3G 3B, 3G
200 metres 3B, 3G 2B, 2G
400 metres 3B, 3G B, G
60m Hurdles
800 metres 2B, 2G B, G
Long Jump 2B, 2G B, G
High Jump 2B, 2G B, G
Shot Put (2kg) 2B, 2G B, G
4 x 100m Relay B, G B, G
Year 5 Year 5 Year 5
100 metres 3B, 3G 3B, 3G
200 metres 3B, 3G 2B, 2G
400 metres 3B, 3G B, G
60m Hurdles 3B, 3G B, G
800 metres 2B, 2G B, G
1500 metres 2B, 2G (Open – see below)
Long Jump 2B, 2G B, G
High Jump 2B, 2G B, G
Shot Put (2kg) 2B, 2G B, G
4 x 100m Relay B, G B, G
Year 6 Year 6 Year 6
100 metres 3B, 3G 3B, 3G
200 metres 3B, 3G 2B, 2G
400 metres 3B, 3G B, G
60m Hurdles 3B, 3G B, G
800 metres 2B, 2G B, G
1500 metres 2B, 2G (Open – see below)
Long Jump 2B, 2G B, G
High Jump 2B, 2G B, G
Shot Put (2kg) 2B, 2G B, G
4 x 100m Relay B, G B, G
OPEN (any age) Sec 1 – Open Pentathlon OPEN
1500 metres B, G
Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9
Nazareth Mt Barker St Paul’s St Mary’s Coll. (G) Tranmere Norwood Antonio Xavier Gladstone
Henley Beach Whitefriars St Ignatius Dominican Kingswood Murray Bridge Parkside Jamestown Peterborough
Loreto(G) Hectorville Blackfriars (B) Greenacres CLG Evanston Edwardstown Brompton Yorketown
Lockleys  CBC (B) St David’s Christies Bch Emmaus Galilee Enfield Mt Carmel Ottoway
Mercedes SAC (G) Clare Mansfield Park Salisbury Brooklyn Park Croydon Wallaroo Eliz. Grove
St Michael’s Goodwood Plympton Craigmore OLV Albert Park St Bernadette’s Eliz. Park Kilburn
Rostrevor (B) StellaMaris WynnVale Payneham Nativity Hindmarsh Warradale Richmond Barmera
St Pius X Hove OLOG OLOH, Greenwith Stirling St Monica’s
Sheidow Park Seaford St Dominic’s (G) Rosary Newton
St Columba Glenelg Holy Family

 Please see Calendar for Section dates and start times.

Year B/G Section1 Section 2 Section 3 Section4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9
1978 Salisbury Findon
1979 Blackfriars
1980 Blackfriars Hectorville Evanston
1981 Blackfriars MorphettVale Tranmere Murray Bridge Newton
1982 St. Ignatius T.T. Gully St. Paul’s Newton Walkerville Enfield
1983 St. Ignatius Rostrevor Newton Semaphore Kingswood Enfield
1984 Rostrevor Newton Semaphore Seaton Kingswood Lockleys Tranmere
1985 Blackfriars St.Paul’s/   H’vlle Mercedes Kingswood Lockleys Christies Bch Mt. Barker
Girls T.T. Gully Henley Bch St. Dominic’s Stella Maris/MM Lockleys Glengow/ Caritas Mt. Barker
1986 Boys St. Michael’s Brighton/SHC Windsor Gdns Parafield Gdns Christies Beach Mt.Barker W’dale/ Woomera
Girls T.T. Gully Mercedes St. Dominic’s Seaton Christies Beach Mt.Barker W’dale/ Woomera
1987 Boys St. Michael’s Newton/ Antonio Windsor Gdns Nativity Mt. Barker Mt.Carmel Prospect
Girls T.T. Gully Newton Stella Maris/MM Christies Beach Mt. Barker Mt Carmel Prospect
1988 Boys St. Michael’s Brighton/SHC Nativity Lockleys Col. Light Gdns Wynn Vale Flinders Park Eliz Grove
Girls T.T. Gully Mercedes Stella Maris/MM Seaton Stirliing Prospect Flinders Park Eliz Grove
1989 Boys St. Michael’s Mercedes Parafield Gds Christies Beach Wynn Vale Eliz Grove Millicent Ottoway
Girls St. David’s Nativity Lockleys Findon Wynn Vale Eliz Grove Millicent Ottoway
1990 Boys St. Michael’s Antonio Holy Family Mt. Barker St. Andrew’s Albert Park Kingswood Eliz Park
Girls St. David’s Mercedes Holy Family Wynn Vale Eliz Grove Millicent Kingswood Eliz Park
1991 Boys St. Michael’s Aberfoyle Pk Christies Bch Brooklyn Park St. Andrew’s Eliz Park Ottoway Kilburn
Girls Loreto Mercedes Wynn Vale Eliz Grove Millicent Prospect Ottoway Kilburn
1992 Boys St. Michael’s Mercedes St. Mary Magdalene St. Andrew’s St. Thomas Moore Croydon St. Mary’s St. Jos. Ren
Girls Loreto Wynn Vale St. Anthony’s/ Cabra Findon Prospect Ottoway St. John’s St. Jos. Hind
1993 Boys St. Michael’s Brighton Christies Bch Eliz Park Kingswood Glenelg Renmark Berri
Girls Loreto Lockleys St. Anthony’s/ Cabra Semaphore Prospect Glenelg Renmark Norwood
1994 Boys St. Michael’s Seacombe/ SHC Walkerville Taperoo Glenelg Renmark Plympton Woodville
Girls Loreto Wynn Vale Walkerville Findon Glenelg Greenacres Murray Bridge Walkerville
1995 Boys Rostrevor St. Andrew’s St. Anthony’s/ Cabra Glenelg Prospect Greenacres Plympton Norwood
Girls Mercedes Marymount St. Anthony’s/ Cabra Glenelg Prospect Greenacres Mansfield Park Norwood
1996 Boys St. Michael’s Seacombe St. David’s Seaford Greenacres Rosewater Plympton Parkside
Girls Mercedes Marymount St. David’s Prospect Greenacres/ Renmark Mt.Barker Lockleys Parkside
1997 Boys Rostrevor Blackfriars Taperoo Evanston Windsor Gdns Plympton Norwood Woodcroft Sheidow Pk
Girls Mercedes St. David’s St. Mark’s Seaford Mt. Barker Plympton Mansfield Park Woodcroft Seacombe Gdns
1998 Boys Sacred Heart Wynn Vale Hectorville Evanston Windsor Gdns Plympton Norwood Craigmore Ed’stown
Girls Mercedes Wynn Vale Taperoo Findon Windsor Gdns Plympton Norwood Woodville Pk Ed’stown
1999 Boys St. Michael’s Blackfriars Evanston Eliz Park Plympton Port Augusta Woodcroft Murray Bridge Brighton
Girls St. Andrew’s St. David’s Morphett Vale Findon Henley Beach Norwood Woodville Park Hindmarsh Sheidow Pk
2000 Boys St. Michael’s Taperoo Evanston Greenacres Henley Beach Woodcroft Albert Park Richmond Sheidow Pk
Girls St. Andrew’s Taperoo Morphett Vale Findon Semaphore Woodville Park Tranmere Parkside Seacombe Gdns
2001 Boys St. Michael’s C.B.C. Port Pirie Aberfoyle Park Port Augusta Rosewater Albert Park Berri St. Mary’s
Girls St. Andrew’s Lockleys Port Pirie Henley Bch Semaphore Woodcroft Parkside Walkerville Sheidow Pk
2002 Boys St. Michael’s Blackfriars Elizabeth Park Aberfoyle Park Payneham Albert Park Seaton Ottoway Sheidow Pk
Girls Marymount Port Pirie Henley Beach Prospect Brooklyn Park Albert Park Berri Walkerville Ed’stown
2003 Boys St.Michael’s Henley Beach Seaford Mt.Barker Albert Park Tranmere Col Light Gardens Ottoway Sheidow Pk
Girls Wynn Vale Henley Beach Prospect Findon Mansfield Park Berri Parkside Walkerville Ed’stown
2004 Boys St Michael’s C.B.C. Mt Barker Newton Woodville Park Kilburn Col Light Gardens Hindmarsh Sheidow Pk
Girls Loreto Cabra Prospect Albert Park Berri Parkside Murray Bridge Walkerville Glengowrie
2005 Boys St. Michael’s C.B.C. Taperoo Brooklyn Park Parafield Gdns Murray Bridge Hindmarsh Croydon Sheidow Pk
Girls Mercedes St. Ignatius Taperoo Findon Parafield Gdns Murray Bridge Renmark Croydon Sheidow Pk
2006 Boys St Michael’s Mt Barker St Columba Greenacres Murray Bridge Colonel Light Gardens Croydon Enfield Glenelg
Girls Mercedes Henley Beach Morphett Vale Findon Murray Bridge Clare Renmark Seaton Glenelg
2007 Boys Rostrevor Mt Barker St Columba Nazareth Payneham Colonel Light Gardens Enfield Goodwood Glengowrie
Girls Mercedes Mt Barker Lockleys Nazareth Windsor Gardens Stirling Walkerville Goodwood Sheidow Pk
2008 Boys Rostrevor St Andrews Woodville Park Brooklyn Park Windsor Gardens Colonel Light Gardens Hindmarsh Jamestown Glenelg
Girls Loreto Taperoo Albert Park Semaphore Clare Stirling Kilburn Millicent Ed’stown
2009 Boys St Michael’s Blackfriars Parafield Gardens Windsor Gardens Colonel Light Gdns Kilburn Greenwith Loxton Glenelg
Girls Marymount Henley Beach Semaphore Windsor Gardens Clare Woodcroft Millicent Ottoway Glenelg
2010 Boys Wynn Vale St Andrews Parafield Gardens Plympton Woodcroft Hindmarsh Craigmore Loxton Ed’stown
Girls Loreto St Andrews Windsor Gardens Brooklyn Park Woodcroft Millicent Goodwood Tranmere Ed’stown
2011 Boys Wynn Vale Blackfriars Brooklyn Park Plympton Payneham Parkside Greenwith Loxton Ed’stown
Girls Loreto Windsor Gdns Brooklyn Park Murray Bridge Clare Stirling Renmark Tranmere Glenelg
2012 Boys Rostrevor Brooklyn Park Morphett Vale Parkside Payneham Greenwith Loxton Richmond Glengowrie
Girls Loreto St Aloysius Lockleys Parkside Evanston Greenwith Pennington Brompton Glenelg
2013 Boys Rostrevor Woodville Park Nazareth Parkside Payneham Hectorville Pennington Mansfield Glenelg
Girls Wynn Vale Windsor Gdns Lockleys Clare Millicent Walkerville Jamestown Mansfield Ed’stown
2014 Boys Rostrevor Cabra St Columba Seaford Hectorville Caritas Mansfield Pk Galilee Brighton
Girls Wynn Vale Lockleys Nazareth Clare Hectorville Caritas Jamestown Galilee Seacombe Gdns
2015 Boys Rostrevor Nazareth Blackfriars Hectorville Caritas College Hindmarsh Mansfield Park Albert Park Seacombe Gdns
Girls Mercedes Lockleys Tea Tree Gully Clare Caritas College Norwood Mansfield Park Albert Park Seacombe Gdns
2016 Boys Rostrevor CBC Hectorville Caritas College Evanston Pennington Galilee Croydon Sheidow Park
Girls Mercedes Henley Beach Murray Bridge Seaford Plympton Walkerville Galilee Brompton Glenelg
2017 Boys St Michael’s Hectorville Elizabeth Park St Columba Plympton Greenwith Salisbury Carnival cancelled  Carnival cancelled
Girls Mercedes Hectorville St Dominics Clare Enfield Stirling Kingswood Carnival cancelled  Carnival cancelled
2018 Boys Mercedes Lockleys Blackfriars Seaford Semaphore Kingswood Craigmore Richmond Seac.Gdns
Girls Mercedes Wynn Vale Clare St Mary’s Goodwood Kingswood Croydon Ottoway Glenelg
Year B/G Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section A Section B Section C
2019 Boys St Michael’s St Columba Seaford Goodwood Sheidow Pk Galilee Hectorville Greenwith Norwood
Girls Loreto Windsor Gardens Glenelg Goodwood C.L.G. OLOG Clare Payneham Parkside
Year B/G Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section A Section B
2020 Boys Lockleys St Columba Goodwood Sheidow Pk OLOG Stirling Warradale Blackfriars Craigmore
Girls Loreto Mt Barker Goodwood Sheidow Pk OLOG Nativity Tranmere Clare Barmera
2021 Boys Rostrevor Goodwood Sheidow Pk Mansfield Pk Christies Bch Tranmere StBernadette’s Clare Barmera
Girls Mercedes Goodwood Stella Maris Hove OLOH Norwood Xavier Clare Loxton
Year B/G Sec 1 Sec 2 Sec 3 Sec 4 Sec 5 Sec 6 Sec 7 Sec 8 Sec 9 Sec 10 Sec 11
2022 Boys Rostrevor Goodwood Sh’dowPk Hove OLOG Ch.Beach Greenacres Craigmore AlbertPk Richmond Jamestown
(BAC) Girls Mercedes Glenelg StellaMaris Clare OLOH Rosary Norwood Hindmarsh AlbertPk Richmond Jamestown
Year B/G Section1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9
2023 Boys Rostrevor Hectorville Hove Holy Family Greenacres Hindmarsh Walkerville Edwardstown Yorketown
Girls Nazareth Sheidow Pk Hove Payneham Rosary OLV Antonio Mt Carmel Gladstone
Year B/G Section1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 Section 8 Section 9
2024 Boys

The Section 1 Pentathlon for Open Boys and Girls 

Each school is entitled to enter one boy and one girl (unless your school is single gender) of any age into the Open Pentathlon. The five events that will comprise the Open Pentathlon, in the order that they will be run on the day:

Long Jump (in conjunction with the Year 6 Long Jump at 9.30am)
60m Hurdles
Shot Put (in conjunction with the Year 3 Shot Put starting at 1.00pm)

The track events will be placed at the end of the normal scheduled track events for Hurdles, 800m and 100m.

Section 1 schools are not obligated to submit an athlete into the Open Pentathlon, although it is possible for a winning pentathlete to score a maximum of 50 points (maximum of 10 points per event) for his or her school on the day. As it now stands, an outstanding Section 1 year level champion can only score a maximum of 32 points for his or her school. Every pentathlon competitor in each event receives points according to the following scale from 1st to 8th (or 9th as could be the case): 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 (if nine competitors). The first four placegetters in all Open Pentathlon events would receive ribbons as normal. All points scored by pentathletes are included in that school’s overall score for the day.

Athletes competing in the Open Pentathlon can be of any year level, but are not eligible to compete in any other individual events although they may compete in their own year level’s 4 x 100m relay.

The system of boys and girls age champion awards for Year 3 – Year 6 continues unchanged. The Pentathlon points remain completely separate from the year level age champion scores but do count on the school’s overall score.

If an Open pentathlete achieves a record in any event, the record will be recorded under his or her year level. There will not be separate Open Pentathlon records kept. It is therefore conceivable that a pentathlete could achieve a record in his or her year level for an event, but not win the event in the Open Pentathlon.


Event Name/School Time/Distance Year
100m Cooper Bobridge (Sheidow Pk) 15.19 2014
200m Joe Chigwidden (Brighton) 32.87 2014
400m Cooper Bobridge (Sheidow Pk) 1:15.40 2014
4x100m Relay Sheidow Park 1.03.38 2004
Long Jump Cooper Beecken (Brighton) 3.45m 2012
High Jump Ben Camporeale (Glenelg) 1.15m 2015
100m Cooper Condelli (Henley Bch) 13.51 2012
200m D. Cioffi (Findon) 27.58 1991
400m A. Querzoli (St. Michael’s) 1:05.75 1989
800m Aiden Offe (Col. Light Gdns) 2:33.66 2004
4x100m Relay St Michael’s 58.75 1992
Long Jump David Hiern (Nativity) 4.48m 1990
High Jump Nathan Murray (Christies Beach) 1.42m 1991
Shot Put Sam McKay (Taperoo) 10.96m 2009
60m Hurdles Seang Tan (Enfield) 9.94 1998
100m D.Nguyen (St. Michael’s) 12.08 1981
200m D.Nguyen (St. Michael’s) 26.40 1981
400m T. Crossen (St. Paul’s) * 1:02.00 1979*
800m M. Zillante (Hectorville) 2:24.92 1992
4x100m Relay Rostrevor 51.70 1984
Long Jump David Blanco (Rostrevor) 4.79m 1990
High Jump A. Petracco (St Michael’s) 1.53m 1991
Shot Put Lachlan Page (St Columba) 12.90m 2008
60m Hurdles Sam Power (St Andrews) 9.30 2000
100m E. McLeish (St Ignatius) 12.65 2006
200m P. Von Boltenstern (St.Michael’s) 26.61 1992
400m Daniel Crescitelli (Windsor Gardens) 1:00.79 2008
800m J. Westbrook (Hindmarsh) 2:24.00 2008
1500m D. McDonald (Tea Tree Gully) 5.01.09 1998
4x100m Relay St. Michael’s 53.54 1992
Long Jump Steven Vacca (Eliz. Grove) 5.29m 1991
High Jump Matt Martin (Nativity) 1.61m 2002
Shot Put Binh Pham (Mansfield Park) 12.98m 2004
60m Hurdles Daniel Crescitelli (Windsor Gardens) # 8.95 2009#
100m D. Savage (Sacred Heart)
K Gonzales (Murray Bridge
12.00 1982
200m Bryan Wilson (CBC) 25.05 2009
400m Bryan Wilson (CBC) 58.42 2009
800m D. Abbott (Cabra) 2:19.50 1983
1500m D. Abbott (Cabra) 4.42.80 1983
4x100m Relay C.B.C 52.18 2005
Long Jump Steven Vacca (Eliz. Grove) ** 5.86m 1992**
High Jump M. Filsell (St Michael’s) 1.70m 1989
Shot Put Lachlan Page (St Columba) 14.10m 2010

* Oldest existing SACPSSA Athletics record.
** Only athletes to set record in same event two years running.
#Record holder across two consecutive years in different events.


Event Name/School Time/Distance Year
100m Ashley Fletcher (Glenelg) 15.75 2015
200m Tony Chakabva (Seac. Gdns) 33.60 2008
400m Cameron Zajer (Seac. Gdns) 1:22.85 2015
4x100m Relay Sheidow Park 1.10.05 1998
Long Jump (name and school not recorded) 3.28m 2002
High Jump Achol Wol (Glenelg) 1.00m 2012
100m Maya Mattiscska (Windsor Gdns) 13.40 2012
200m J. May (Nativity) 28.94 1989
400m K. Fenech (Semaphore) 1:10.10 1991
800m A. Sinor (Semaphore) 2:44.00 1999
4x100m Relay Prospect 1:01.98 2007
Long Jump Kerry Brown (Brighton) 4.17m 1992
High Jump Natalie Medhurst (Millicent) 1.30m 1994
Shot Put April Gladigau (Seac. Gdns) 9.04m 2002
60m Hurdles Tayla Phillis (Woodcroft) 9.60 2008
100m S. Stankiewicz (Newton) 12.88 1998
200m J. Lambert (Tea Tree Gully) 28.47 1992
400m K.Fenech (Semaphore) ** 1.05.92 1992**
800m F. Hooper (Wynn Vale) 2:34.15 2000
4x100m Relay St Ignatius 59.71 2009
Long Jump S. Campbell (Albert Park) 4.70m 1986
High Jump Kathryn Blacketer (Holy Family) 1.46m 1990
Shot Put April Gladigau (Seac. Gdns) 10.62m 2003
60m Hurdles Clarissa Centenera (St Ignatius) 9.39 2009
100m Clarissa Centenera (St Ignatius) 12.72 2009
200m K. Fenech (Semaphore) ^ 27.40 1993^
400m Tessa Potezny (Stirling) 1:04.39 2006
800m Tessa Potezny (Stirling) 2:26.00 2006
1500m Tessa Potezny (Stirling) ^^ 5.02.35 2006^^
4x100m Relay Marymount   58.00 2006
Long Jump Tayla Phillis (Woodcroft) # 4.81m 2009#
High Jump Michaela Bache (Marymount) 1.50m 2007
Shot Put Jess Hayward (Cabra) 10.76m 2006
60m Hurdles Ashlee Anderson (Stirling) 9.92 2007
100m B. Powell (Tea Tree Gully) 12.60 1991
200m B. Powell (Tea Tree Gully) 26.70 1991
400m Clarissa Centenera (St Ignatius) # 1:04.03 2010#
800m B. Powell (Tea Tree Gully) ^^ 2:30.00 1991^^
1500m Georgina Hollitt (St Andrew’s) 5.24.35 2004
4x100m Relay Tea Tree Gully 55.07 1989
Long Jump A Marciniak (Tea Tree Gully) 4.85m 1989
High Jump Ashlee Anderson (Stirling) 1.57m 2007
Shot Put April Gladigau (Marymount) also U/10 & U/11 record 11.21m 2005

** Only athletes to set record in same event two years running.
#Record holder across two consecutive years in different events.
^ Only athlete to set records in three consecutive years.
^^ Only athletes to have set three different records at the same carnival.


Event Name/School Time/Distance Year
Year 3
100m Young Dayee, St Paul’s 14.01 2023
200m Flynn Kerslake, Stirling 30.30 2020
400m Atticus Yao, CBC 1:14.18 2023
800m Brodie Round, Hove 2:48.80 2023
4 x 100m Relay Windsor Gardens 1:05.52 2021
Long Jump Alfred Jabeteh, Salisbury 3.85m 2021
High Jump Ben Lee, Windsor Gardens 1.32m 2022
Shot Put Bernard Helgeson, Antonio 8.45m 2022
Year 4
100m Mason Powell, Plympton 13.47 2022
200m Vinnie Busolin, Lockleys / Simba Kyemo, St Columba 29.99 2021
400m Hamish Eylander, Lockleys 1:11.70 2023
800m Daniel Bahr, Glenelg 2:41.15 2021
4 x 100m Relay St Columba 1:02.31 2023
Long Jump Zac Zillante, Windsor Gardens 3.93m 2020
High Jump Lincoln Ciplys, Mercedes / Noah Watkins, Nazareth 1.31m 2022/2023
Shot Put Cruz Campbell, OLOG 8.55m 2020
Year 5
60m Hurdles Zac Zillante, Windsor Gardens 10.20 2021
100m Hugo Gwynne, Stirling 12.79 2021
200m Mohamed Kaba, Mansfield Park 27.98 2020
400m Leo Mason, Hove 1:08.05 2023
800m Louis Pietsch, Nazareth 2:33.69 2020
1500m (Sec 1) Louis Pietsch, Nazareth 5:01.56 2020
4 x 100m Relay Holy Family 59.53 2023
Long Jump Achuil Achuil, Mansfield Park 4.52m 2023
High Jump Jordan Gloria, Wynn Vale 1.42m 2023
Shot Put Jared Cenko, Mercedes 9.31m 2020
Year 6 
60m Hurdles Mohamed Kaba, Mansfield Park 9.64 2021
100m Cedric Ebomo-Zoalang, Plympton 12.58 2020
200m Mohamed Kaba, Mansfield Park 25.63 2021
400m Daniel Bahr, Glenelg 1:04.14 2023
800m Daniel Bahr, Glenelg 2:21.93 2023
1500m (Sec 1) Louis Pietsch, Nazareth 5:06.45 2021
4 x 100m Relay Rostrevor 56.50 2022
Long Jump Mohamed Kaba, Mansfield Park 4.88m 2021
High Jump Finn Spanagel, Lockleys 1.57m 2020
Shot Put Liam Le, Rosary 12.03m 2023
Year 7  (Year 7s stopped competing 2021)
60m Hurdles Brodie McKeown, Murray Bridge 10.22 2021
100m Jules Piro, Hectorville 12.45 2019
200m Jules Piro, Hectorville 26.44 2019
400m Harrison Northeast, Wallaroo 1:05.19 2020
800m Taj Garrett, Murray Bridge 2:27.59 2021
4 x 100m Relay Hectorville 56.87 2019
Long Jump Tobi Jones-Pens, Peterborough 4.54m 2019
High Jump Cooper Haak & James Franke, Yorketown / Jack Mumford, Wallaroo 1.50m 2019/20
Shot Put Hugh Caton, Blackfriars 11.70m 2020
Open 1500m
(Yr 3-6) Daniel Bahr, Glenelg 4:47.44 2023
(Yr 4-7) Isaac Jordan, Hectorville 5:08.90 2019


Event Name/School Time/Distance Year
Year 3
100m Ivy Leonardi, Nazareth 14.35 2022
200m Sienna Flint, Sheidow Park 32.87 2023
400m Jade Thiele, Hove 1:18.92 2022
800m Maggie Robinson, Stirling 2:56.28 2019
4 x 100m Relay Sheidow Park 1:09.53 2023
Long Jump Scarlett McNamara, Newton 3.27m 2023
High Jump Akei Ajak, St Columba 1.12m 2023
Shot Put Sophia Tambakis, Henley Beach 5.49m 2021
Year 4
100m Natalie Kabongo, Croydon 13.66 2020
200m Ava Ward, Windsor Gardens 30.90 2022
400m Violette Smith, Stella Maris 1:14.00 2021
800m Violette Smith, Stella Maris 2:49.45 2021
4 x 100m Relay Mercedes 1:04.20 2022
Long Jump Ivy Leonardi, Nazareth 4.03m 2023
High Jump Millie Duncan, Clare / Everly Weekley, Loreto 1.20m 2021/2023
Shot Put Caitlin Holmes, Semaphore 8.23m 2020
Year 5
60m Hurdles Mali Walters, St Dominic’s 10.55 2021
100m Mali Walters, St Dominic’s 13.68 2021
200m Ella Fuss, Mercedes 29.25 2023
400m Charlotte Davies, Sheidow Park 1:08.17 2023
800m Charlotte Davies, Sheidow Park 2:32.82 2023
1500m (Sec 1) Mercy Walsh, Lockleys 5:52.84 2020
4 x 100m Relay Glenelg 1:02.15 2021
Long Jump Shubhreet Kaur, Whitefriars 4.06m 2020
High Jump Mia Frearson-Lea, Loreto 1.32m 2023
Shot Put Isla Dewer, Gladstone 10.25m 2022
Year 6 
60m Hurdles Imogen Luke, Stella Maris 10.19 2020
100m Matilda Buchanan, Hove 13.17 2021
200m Imani Robinson, Lockleys 28.26 2021
400m Imani Robinson, Lockleys 1:07.10 2021
800m Maia Burdon, SAC 2:27.60 2023
1500m (Sec 1) Hannah Timpani, Henley Beach 5:41.53 2019
4 x 100m Relay Mercedes 57.81 2021
Long Jump Georgette Frimpong, Craigmore 4.27m 2020
High Jump Maia Burdon, SAC 1.45m 2023
Shot Put Scala Ferreira, Hindmarsh 10.32m 2020
Year 7  (Year 7s stopped competing 2021)
60m Hurdles Georgette Frimpong, Craigmore 10.10 2021
100m Georgette Frimpong, Craigmore 13.00 2021
200m Georgette Frimpong, Craigmore 28.62 2021
400m Hannah Beames, Barmera 1:14.30 2021
800m Sarah Beames, Barmera 2:33.25 2019
4 x 100m Relay Hectorville 1:03.03 2019
Long Jump Georgette Frimpong, Craigmore 4.92m 2021
High Jump Elouise Nordhousen Bradley, Clare 1.45m 2021
Shot Put Maggie Clark, Jamestown 8.81m 2019
Open 1500m
(Yr 3-6) Violette Smith, Stella Maris 5:22.35 2023
(Yr 4-7) Sarah Beames, Barmera 5:38.74 2019

Athletics Official Duties


 Executive Member

 Start all track events

 For all races except 800m & 1500m the call is to be: “Take your mark, Set.”

 After calling “Take your mark” ensure that all competitors are settled before calling “Set”. Then fire the gun. As a guide, you should count “1,2,3” making sure that all competitors are still, before firing the gun.

 If any “breaks” occur fire the gun a second time. Having done this, move competitors well back from the line and commence the starting procedure again. Two breaks are allowed in any one event. Any break on the 3rd attempt means instant disqualification.

 In 800m and 1500m events the call for the start will be: “Take your mark”…. Gun is then fired.

Starters Marshalls

 Executive Member

 Line competitors up in correct lanes well back from the starting line. Lanes are listed in the programme.

 As the starter is ready for each group send the runners forward to stand a metre or so back from the starting line.


 Time competitors in TRACK events – 1st and 2nd places only.

 Watches on 1st place – average out times.

 Start watch on SMOKE from gun, not the sound.

 Record times on “Time Sheet” THEN, signal to starter when ready for the next event by turning the ‘lollipop’ to face white to the starter.

 Once the race has started turn the ‘lollipop’ to face red to the starter.

Place Judges

 Pick places and give ribbons to 1st 4 placegetters.

 Inform 5th placegetter of position in case of later disqualifications.

 Be aware that separate placings will be required in distance events where 2 divisions are being run together – One division will be wearing coloured bibs. In this case select separate places in each division (1st,2nd,3rd,4th with bibs…1st,2nd,3rd, 4th without bibs).

Relay Judges

Make sure runners are in their correct lane (Lane draw given in programme).

Raise WHITE flag when all is ready on your changeover.

During the changeover, check that it has taken place within the given zone.

After the changeover, raise WHITE flag if all is clear… Raise RED flag if there is any disqualification. A dropped baton is to be recovered by the person PASSING it not the RECEIVER.

Placegetters Marshall

 Line placegetters up in order 1st – 4th.

 Ensure that ribbons have been received.  During the changeover, check that it has taken place within the given zone.

 Older child or adult to escort group to track recorders and wait with the group until the recording is completed. (These are included in the 6 officials required for scoring/recording).

Field Event Judges

(Long and High jumps and Shot Put)

 After completion of an event all successful competitors will be given their places and ribbons by the officials, who must leave the result sheet in the event folder until collected by a SACPSSA official.

 Where 2 divisions compete together, each division/section is to be scored and resulted as a separate event.

 Judges will be given folders of result sheets, ribbons instructions/rules.

Track Recorders

 Operate from Recorders tent on the main arena.

 Record names of placegetters (4) on “Result Slips”.

 Record times for each event, from time sheets on results slip.

 Send sheets via runner to Recording Room in the grandstand.

Scoring Recorders

 Operate from Recording Room in the grandstand.

 Record results with Computer Person.

The Announcer

 Executive Member

 Welcomes everyone and introduces the competing schools.

  Calls event numbers and events for marshalling.

  Can give results of events as they are taken to the recorders. In this case it is best to announce from the result slips and then hand them over to the recorders.

  Gives progressive results as supplied by the scorers.

  Announcement of lane draws if required, especially in relays.

  Items of interest for spectators and encouragement for competitors.

Athletics Rules

General Information

 Schools to compete in SECTIONS as determined under Paragraph 15.

 Teams are requested to be at the stadium 30 minutes before the commencement of the first event. Children should be supervised at all times. Competitors and officials only to be allowed inside the fence.

 Competitors must compete in their own age group (year level) and in one division of each event only.

 Name Tags to show Christian and Surname, School (Suburb).

 Age Groups Sec 1 – 9 Year 3 – Year 6 , Open = Any age.

 Nomination: No competitor to take part in more than 4 events PLUS one relay.

 Lanes: Schools will be allocated lanes as per the programme.

 1500m: Should warm weather prevail, the Coordinators may at their discretion and with the safety of the athletes in mind, reschedule the 1500m races to the first events of that carnival. This will result in the track schedule being slightly altered for the remainder of that day


Medals will be presented to:

  Open Boys and Girls Champion Pentathlete in Sec 1

  Individual Age Champion Boys and Girls in Secs 1 – 9 Year 3 – Year 6

  Bannerettes to School Age Champions – Secs 1 – 9 Year 3 – Year 6 Boys and Girls.

  Perpetual Shields and Permanent Pennants to schools gaining highest points in Boys and Girls divisions.

  Percentage Pennant to the school with the highest percentage of points per enrolment number.

Age Championship Nominations

Each coach may nominate up to 2 boys and up to 2 girls per year level to be eligible for the Individual Age Group medals.

These nominations must be received by the Section Organiser two weeks before the first carnival of the program.

Alteration to nominations will be received up to 20 minutes prior to the programmed starting time.

Method of starting will be: “Take your marks – set” – Gun fired. To recall a false start – Gun is fired again.

First four (4) placegetters in track events will receive a place ribbon which must be taken to the Track Recorders table to record results. Placegetters in FIELD events are not required to report to the table as their results are recorded at the event.

Scoring Div 1 (Section 1)
Runner 1 (Sec 2-9)
Div 2 & 3 (Section 1)
Runners 2 & 3 (Sec 2-9)
1st Place 8 4 10
2nd Place 6 3 8
3rd Place 4 2 6
4th Place 2 1 4

Open Pentathlon: Every competitor in each event receives points according to their finish position, from 10 for 1st, 8 for 2nd, 7 for 3rd, 6 for 4th, 5 for 5th, 4 for 6th, 3 for 7th, 2 for 8th, 1 for 9th.


Competitors must take particular note of the call for their event and move quickly to the marshalling point. Coaches are asked not to send competitors out until they have been called.

Field Events

On the call for a field event, competitors must report immediately to the officials for that event. Where a competitor is involved in both track and field events at approximately the same time, they should report in at the field event first and then move away to their track event, returning to complete their field event as soon as possible. In High Jump, competitors returning to an event will resume at the advanced height of the bar. N.B. In Section 1 field events will run as Div. 1 and Div. 2 i.e. separate events

 Long Jump

3 jumps in rotation. Standard take-off mat. Measurement from pit edge of mat to last point of contact, nearest to take-off board. Results determined on best of three attempts.

High Jump

3 jumps in rotation for each height. Final measurement from top of the bar at the centre to the ground. Countback system applies i.e. greatest height with least number of jumps.

Shot Put

3 attempts in rotation. Results determined on best of three attempts.

Promotion & Relegation

Promotion and relegation system will operate between all SECTIONS on the basis of school aggregate points total for the previous year. The school with the LOWEST point tally and the HIGHEST point tally in each SECTION may be moved at the co-ordinator’s discretion.

New Schools entering for the first time will be placed at the discretion of the Co-ordinator.

Technical Information

Dist. Approach Between Finish No. Height
Overall distance is 60m, including 6 flights (hurdles). Each hurdle is 60 cm high. Approach to the 1st flight is 12m. Distance between flights is 7m. Distance from the last flight to the Finish Line is 13m

SHOT PUT Circle 2.135m diameter
Weight 2kg for all year levels

HIGH JUMP Starting Height Year 3 – 95cm Year 4 – 1m Year 5 – 1.05m
Year 6 – 1.05m
Shifts 5cm rises until 4 competitors remain – 2cm rises from there on.

SPIKES may be used in all events EXCEPT 800m, 1500m and Shot Put and must be removed before entering the Grand Stand.

Starting Blocks may be used provided there is no interference to the timing and/or organisation of the carnival. The Athletics Co-ordinator retains the right to discontinue the practice on the day in question

Teams to consist of four (4) runners in the correct year level. Baton changes must be made within the changeover zone (20m). Runners, other than the first may commence running not more than 10 metres outside the changeover zone. Competitors, after handing over the baton, must remain in their lanes until the course is clear.

No Mixed Relays. If, however, a school is unable to field complete relay teams in an age group, they may enter a Mixed team in the BOYS relay in that age group.

Promoting the philosophy of good sportsmanship, fostering companionship between competitors and promoting a healthy active lifestyle.