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Cricket Overview

Cricket General Information

SACPSSA, in collaboration with the SA Cricket Association (SACA) conducts the SACPSSA Schools Cup Cricket Carnival each year.

The carnival dates for 2024 are now confirmed, however, the venue may be Barratt Reserve, West Beach, or, if available, the Karen Rolton Oval complex, in Week 9 of Term 3.

The carnivals are a modified version of 8-over “Blast Cricket” involving Year 5-6 boys’ and girls’ teams.

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Cricket Co-ordinators

Cricket Events

Darren Elliott
Carnival Co-Ordinator

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Cricket Information

The carnival is open to teams from all Catholic primary schools or colleges. Teams will be Year 5-6 boys or Year 5-6 girls. There’ll be no mixed teams.
Team Nominations:
  • Team nominations are available for separate Boys and Girls teams in the age group Year 5/6.
  • Teams consist of 8 players on the field; substitutes are allowed, but 8 is ideal.
  • Nomination costs are $30 per team.

Barratt Reserve West and East, West Beach, near to the corner of Military and West Beach Roads.


All match equipment supplied by SACA.


All teams must be under the supervision of a teacher or a responsible adult appointed by the school.

Schools will need to ensure that most team supervisors are also prepared to simultaneously “umpire” and be the “field scorer/supervisor” when their team is playing.

This task is very simple and instructions will be provided by the organisers.

Modified Schools Cup Cricket Rules
  • The team listed first will bat first. Batters bat in pairs, for 2 overs per pair (i.e. 8 overs per team). Every player on the fielding team bowls 1 over. (Where there are fewer than 8 on a team, one pair may bat twice, and one or two bowlers may bowl a second over).
  • Each oval requires an umpire/scorer (i.e. 1 teacher/volunteer per match). Scoresheets will be provided on the day.
  • Each wicket taken results in 5 runs being added to the bowling team’s score. Batters swap ends after a wicket.
  • Wide balls and no-balls are not re-bowled. Both result in 1 run being added to the total. All no-balls and wides result in the batter receiving a ‘free hit’ from the batting tee – the hit must go forwards off the tee. Fielders can’t move until the ball leaves the tee. Batters can be run out after a free hit, unless a four or six has been hit.
  • Fielders should rotate around one position each over, ensuring all players get to bowl their over and field in all positions (incl. wicket-keeper).

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